Exercise Classes

Exercise Class

This program focuses on full functional body movements that we use in everyday life. Classes include a mix of Boxing and Functional Interval Training. 

  • Boxing involves balance, explosiveness, focus, strength, speed, agility. 

  • FIT circuits work on many skills as well and are adaptable to any fitness level.

  • Our sessions use a variety of basic equipment such as ropes, TRX, kettle bells, punching bags,  BOSUs, weights and medicine balls. 


Participants are motivated to work hard due to the continuously changing work-outs.  Meditation, breathing techniques and stretching are integral parts of the program.   Trainers challenge each individual to go beyond what they think they can do.  This extra work forces your muscles and therefore, your motor skills, to improve. The classes will encourage brain stimulation, challenge balance and stability and teach proper technique and form – all in an encouraging group setting.


You will leave the class and feeling energized for your day.  Within a few weeks of regular exercise, your energy level throughout the day will improve and you will feel your body moving better while performing everyday tasks.